Post-Shave Recovery Balm 100ml


  • Aftershave, age-defence formula.
  • Helps regenerate damaged skin barriers post shave.
  • Itch relief with soothing anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Heals protects and moisturises.
  • Oil-control formula.

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Percy Nobleman’s Recovery Balm is the perfect oil control moisturiser and age-defence formula.

Introducing our unique one-of-a-kind after shave balm. This specially designed product contains cardiospernum, a soothing natural active that regenerates damaged skin barriers, relieves itch and has anti-inflammatory properties due to its high percentage of phytosterols and triterpenes.

Percy’s recovery balm has truly mastered the art of skin protection. Using pantheon, wheat and soy protein, the balm helps to retain moisture, your skin’s closest ally for repairing, and also protect against signs of ageing.

Keep your skin in check once and for all.


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