Double-edge Safety Razor


Introducing Percy Nobleman’s Safety Razor, ideal for both amateur and expert!

  • Brass handle with chrome plating
  • Virgin black acrylic detail
  • Zinc alloy razor head
  • Compatible with all Double-Edge blades
  • Comes with 10 blades


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Introducing The Percy Nobleman Double-edge Safety Razor

Percy Nobleman’s Safety Razor is handmade to the finest detail, comprising the best elements of both old and new to create a sleek, stylish take on the classic designs of yesteryear.

Using a safety razor is a brilliant way to both minimise every-day plastics, whilst saving on expensive blades! This razor comes complete with a pack of 10 blades to get you started.

Ideal for men who want a well-defined neckline or the desire to indulge in a moment of perfect nostalgia.

This will take you back!